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Kenya is one of Africa most outstanding bird watching safari and ornithological safaris destinations and a must tour for amateur and professional birders and ornithologist as the seamless overlapping habitats provide many bird species within short distances. Birding safaris in Kenya are more thrilling because you'll find Cattle Egrets picking insects next to Buffaloes, Ox-peckers grooming a Rhino, Hyenas and Vultures fighting it out on a carcass and the floating Hippo is a safe ferry for playful Sacred Ibis and Little Egrets. The complexity in planning a bird watching holiday safari in Kenya is not about the availability of birds but of getting the right birding tour operator and safari company to organize your vacation as many birding tours to Kenya are now marketed as competition of the IBAs visited and final numbers on the checklist.

We invite you to Africa safaris and Adventures exclusive way of offering birding holidays in East Africa, whereby we take birdwatching tours and ornithological safaris back to its very basics, of observing birds in their natural habitats in a relaxed way. As bird watchers, this is the principle we use in our personal birding ventures in Kenya and it is the same we use when designing and delivering birding tours in Kenya to our clients. Our birdwatching safari tours are about spending more time birding in the places we visit than most travel companies in Kenya do. Our focus is to let our clients enjoy birdwatching holiday and ornithological safaris by their ability and not at the pace, speed and the pressure of a birding tour guide.bird of Africa Photo

African Safaris and Adventures birding travel guides are competent ornithologists who spend 365 days a year birding in Kenya. They are enthusiastic about birds and they sincerely want to share their experience with you. We are justifiably proud of them and we know they're the best in the birdwatching world as they are not driven by personal agenda of listing the highest number in a safari; instead they work to ensure that the birdwatchers have a wonderful birding experience based on their ability. To prevent our birding tours in Kenya from being road safari expeditions with endless hours of driving we choose travel packages which are on a close circuit but with different habitats giving us many birds species on short transfers. Consider that the road conditions here are not as good as in Europe and a crowded itinerary, which may look very exciting in a brochure or website, has more time being spent on long transfers with little time for quality birding. Besides, people are too exhausted for productive birding - an important fact to consider when comparing birdwatching or ornithological itineraries.

We truly believe that the best way of enjoying Kenya birdwatching safaris is when one is rested and the feedback from our clients vindicates this. We therefore stay for 2-3 nights per selected site as this gives us in-depth and quality birding opportunities, instead of just ticking species off a list. Indeed we continue to be amazed when we see birding groups arriving at a site late in the afternoon, do some birding in the garden/jetty and at the crack of dawn the next day they are off to another hotspot. Another unique feature in our bird watching tours is that as much as possible we encourage people to step out of the car and actively bird on the ground, which results in more species seen. We must emphasize that the tours do not involve full days of walking, so they are not strenuous.

In our entire tours hotel, tented camps, lodge accommodation and beach resorts with en suite facilities are selected for the proximity to the birding sites and also comfort. All hotels have extensive gardens that allow for easy birding even from the comfort of the room's verandah. How is our typical birding day? We don't subscribe to the dawn to dusk schedule as we honestly don't think we would enjoy a holiday where every day we have to be up and going with the first light. We plan our day around our client's pace, often having breaks within the day; so that people can rest (e.g. It is a test of endurance for a visitor to Kenya to bird in the afternoon heat). But since we spend more time in any chosen area we get enough time to bird the areas thoroughly seeing as much as those who have to run on dawn to dusk crash programs.bird photo in Masai Mara

Against all the above considerations our clients set personal records in tours they have enjoyed and participated in a relaxed way; ultimately this is how we judge the success of our Kenya birdwatching safaris and ornithological tours. You may choose to join our scheduled small group tours (maximum 14 clients) where you will meet like-minded birders who are interested in the quality of their birding experience. We could also design an itinerary to suit your traveling scheme. You can depend on our experience and local knowledge to give you an ornithological and wildlife rich tour Kenya is one of the richest bird areas in the world, although many of the birds are brightly colored and exotic looking, they are generally quite easily recognized; within a day or two you will be identifying the various birds species with ease.

You will find bright pink Flamingos, Hammerkops, iridescent Kingfishers, Plovers, Herons, Storks, Geese, Cranes, Jacanas and of course the magnificent African Fish Eagle. In certain places along the Mombassa and malindi coast there are breeding pairs of Osprey as well. The open savannah plains, where the majority of the big safaris take place, offer excellent bird watching opportunities for some unusual ground dwellers. The Ground Hornbill, at nearly 110 cm. tall is one of the largest and most visible; the tall Secretary bird is also spotted often. Eagles, vultures, and ostrich, the largest bird on earth, are also spotted frequently. The smaller plains birds, such as the Ox-peckers, snowy white Egrets, brilliant Sunbirds and bustards are also found in abundance; you can't miss seeing birds on any game drive! Near the woodlands, you'll find yet more species with starlings of every color, Bee-eaters, Drongos, Hornbills, Shrikes, the beautiful Lilac-breasted Roller, Barbets and Guinea Fowl. Arriving into the big city airports, frequently the first birds spotted are the urban and farmland dwellers, such as the Wagtails and Weaverbirds, with their huge nest colonies.Eaglen

The ultimate birding safari in Kenya including Lakes Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria and Kakamega Forest, with opportunities to see vast flocks of flamingoes as well as hundreds of species of other birds at Kenya's top birding sites. This will not only be a specialised birding safari, but will also offer you opportunities for sightseeing and watching and photographing other wildlife. You will be able to see the stunning countryside including a breath-taking view of the Rift Valley dropping thousands of feet. En route to several destinations, you will also have a chance to see the different local tribes and observe their way of living. We will be staying in 5 star accommodations with comfortable transport between destinations by minibus. This are window guaranteed seats .At the various destinations we may split the group into smaller numbers for better viewing and here will use resident guides who have vast knowledge of the local areas. All selected destinations are Kenya's IBAs (Important Bird Areas).

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