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Gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda - Gorilla safaris tours have become a major tour activity in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Mountain primate gorilla safaris and chimpanzee safari form a corner stone of Uganda tourism. Majority of safaris in Uganda and Rwanda involve Gorilla tracking safaris.

Uganda is the only country where the endangered Mountain Gorilla can be seen in its natural habitant.  We at African safaris and adventures, a Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla Tour Company and a dynamic, privately owned Ugandan safari operator with years of experience in the East Africa safari and tourism industry operate Gorilla expeditions through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the South of the country to search for this magnificent species and Parc de Nationale in the Virungas we operate memorable Gorilla trekking tours which create a memorable and lasting experience from time spent sitting in the forest among the endangered gorillas primate, listening to them grumble to each other. Staring into the pensive eyes of these gentle giants in a remote pocket of lush rainforest during your gorilla trek safari in Uganda or Rwanda is as humbling as it is thrilling experience.

Mountain Gorilla information 
Tracking mountain gorillas through the world's remaining equatorial forest of Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda or Virunga in Rwanda on foot is surely one of Africa’s   most thrilling wildlife safari experiences. Trekking through these dense, vine-clad mountain rainforests which are World Heritage Sites and habitats of the world’s 700 or so remaining mountain gorilla. On encountering these awe-inspiring creatures, the labours of the hike are quickly brushed aside as you become engrossed in quiet observation of these gorillas. African safaris and Adventures organize gorilla safaris packages and adventure tours for Uganda safari and Rwanda holidays

To our yes, none is more striking than our close cousin, the mountain gorilla. Deeply impressed with the region and the gorillas, Ackley later led a success-full campaign for the establishment of a gorilla sanctuary for mountain gorillas. The gorilla’s reputation for ferocity is undeserved.
An estimated 15000 eastern gorillas remain in the wild, about 700 of which are assigned to the Eastern lowland race and the remaining thus being confined to Bwindi and the Virunga. Approximately 500 years the two groups of gorillas were considered to be identical but the recent DNA tests indicate the Bwindi and the Virunga gorillas show sufficient genetic differences to suggest that they have formed mutually isolated breeding populations.

The Uganda national parks are highly alluring to nature lovers of all budgets for its excellent chimpanzee tracking and bird watching, not to mention the greatest variety and concentration of primates of any forest in East Africa. We are here therefore to make your chimpanzee trekking activity a memorable one. The chimp is also next to human race and it’s considered to be the most endangered species in the world. Don’t hesitate to contact us for gorilla tours, Ape tracking, gorilla permits, or anything concerning your next gorilla tour to Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorilla national parks
Bwindi in Uganda is home to over 350 endangered Mountain Gorillas which are quite possibly the most awe-inspiring animals to be found in East Africa .There are also 346 species of birds and over 200 species of butterflies. Gorilla trekking safaris is the major tourism activity in Bwindi with four groups currently available daily for tourists. Mubare group (10 gorillas; 1 silverback) was opened for tourism in 1993; Habinyanja group (18 gorillas, 2 silver backs) was ready in July 1998. Rusheguru group (10 members, 1silver back) was opened in July 2002 while Nkuringo group (19 gorillas, 2 silver backs) was opened for gorilla trips in April 2004. Gorilla racking in Bwindi can be challenging therefore ensure physical fitness. It starts at 8:30a.m. Local time and can last from a few hours to day depending on the movement of these giant primate apes.
Mountain gorillas are wide spread residents of the Uganda and Rwanda rainforests with global population. All gorillas are conventionally assigned to one species Gorilla, gorilla, which split into three races that is the, the western lowland gorilla G. gorilla that is centered in the central and western Congo basin. While the eastern low land gorilla g. graueri is based on the low land forests immediate west of the Albertine Rift Valley, and the mountain Gorilla G. g. beringei lives in highland forest on the eastern side of the Albertine Rift
Gorilla permits
Gorilla safari permits need to be purchased at the time of booking or a deposit equivalent to 20% of the cost of the safari paid, whichever is higher. Gorilla viewing is subject to availability of permits, which are limited; any additional gorilla permits required should be purchased when booking. Gorilla permit prices are subject to change without warning.
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