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Tanzania offers iconic safaris destinations such as the legendary Serengeti Plains, the geological marvel that is the Ngorongoro Crater and magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro.

On top of all this, it hosts the greatest show on earth - the annual Wildebeest Migration - ensuring a perfect Safari in Tanzania. These destinations are well-known and draw thousands of tourists on memorable Tanzania Safaris, but this beautiful country also has some of the wildest wilderness areas in Africa in the southern region such as Selous Game Reserve Tanzania - one of the largest game reserves in the world - and Ruaha National Park.

These southern reaches of Tanzania provide Africa's wildest safaris holidays. To the west of the country, in the Lake Tanganyika region, you can go a trekking safari in search of Chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park and

Mahale Mountains National Park, made famous by the legendary researcher Jane Goodall, the chimpanzee experience is a great addition to a Tanzania safari holiday. Zanzibar Island once home to Sultans and explorers, a place of exotic spices, azure waters, incredible architecture and romantic vacations & holidays.

There’s more: Pemba Island and Mafia Island, part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, have to be among the few remaining island paradises in existence. Why not combine a Zanzibar beach vacation with a Tanzania safari? A Tanzania safari and beach holiday equates to one of Africa's greatest safari holiday experiences especially for honeymooners and family travel. Tourists on a Tanzania safaris holidays will discover a country that is slightly off the beaten track and yet still able to offer guests luxury African safaris together with fabulous accommodation in lodge, safari tented camps, beach resorts, camping and hotels. Tanzania Lodge accommodations range from jaw-dropping luxury to rustic bungalows - have a look at our best Tanzania luxury lodges for some seriously decadent accommodation in some seriously impressive locations.

If you're planning a holiday safari in Tanzania to see the Great Wildebeest Migration, a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest peak - or to visit the tropical island of Zanzibar Island contact our travel experts for the best times for each of these destinations. Our Animal Migration Safari Guide for the Serengeti and Masai Mara Kenya will also help you to plan a tour where you stand the most chance of witnessing this incredible natural phenomenon. Taking a Tanzania safari tour is a great way to get a good overview of this wonderful country.

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Our Tanzania tours vary in length and either remain within the borders of Tanzania or incorporate Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda as part of a larger itinerary in East Africa.

African Safaris and Adventures began as specialists in Tanzania tour operator and travel agent; nowadays we offer a range of exceptional and unusual experiences in Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar Island. We're here to help you organise a first class safari in Africa.

We'll help you find what you're after, and avoid those things that leave you cold. Our aim is to take the pain and hassle out of planning your holiday and make it fun and exciting for you, as it should be. Here you will find new and exciting packages, available for those who wish to take a safe, high quality,memorable Tanzania tour.

Please browse through our well rounded choice of safari packages. After deciding which Tanzania Safari Packages are of interest, you can book your tour in Tanzania instantly with our reservation form or simply call us. Our Tanzania Travel Packages can be personalized and can start any day of the week.

On our custom tours you don't automatically get lumped with a group of strangers. If you don't wish to travel with a group you can go on your own, no matter the size of your party. This gives you the flexibility to design your own safari, complete with private transportation and private tour guide, or enjoy one of our time-tested favorite package options.

We are a Zanzibar and Tanzania based tour operator and have been in the travel business for many years specializing in Tanzania travel. Our staff originates from the region, with perfect knowledge about African wildlife and the different cultures. We are dedicated to helping you plan your perfect Safari, with expert, informed advice whether you are a first time or experienced traveler. We are also specialised in honeymoon travel, Safari in an exclusive african style and Zanzibar holidays in romantic hotels on Zanzibar furthermore in group travel, family Safaris and budget camping Safaris.We will take you on what will be the most intimate safari experience of Tanzania you could ever imagine. 

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The Tanzania Safari is designed for an extremely small group of ambitious wildlife adventure. A Safari in Tanzania provides a unique perspective from where a guest can see the beauty of Africa through the eyes of some of its people.

Our safaris in Tanzania incorporate the same routes that our tours and Luxury holidays and vacations do, but because these safaris use Lodge, Tented Safari Camp and Hotels that we have negotiated special rates, they cost less to organize and that savings can be passed on to our guests.

Beer and Wine as well as excellent meals are all provided on each safari to Tanzania. All our tour guides speak excellent English, French and Italian and travel with an excellent team of trackers, camp staff, camel staff and fine cooks.

All of the itineraries for our Tanzania safaris are flexible and also possible for us to go on shorter trips, even a one night trip is possible and this has been very popular with business travelers.

Embarking on the Tanzania Safari that you have been dreaming of, whether it's a Lodge Safari, a Tanzania Honeymoon Holiday, Flying tour, Budget Backpacker trip, wildebeest migration safaris in Serengeti, Bird watching safaris, Budget to luxury mobile camping safaris or a honeymoon vacation your dream can come true by signing up for an a safari in Tanzania with African safaris and Adventures travel experts in East Africa. Our Safari tour Guides have personally escorts all our Africa Wildlife Safari groups from the time they arrive in Africa to the time they depart.

The Maasai in Tanzania Photo 3
They will personally greet you at the airport, unlike most other safari companies and tour operators where taxi drivers normally pick you up. After all, you have traveled thousands of miles to get to Africa and should be pampered and taken care of from the minute you arrive.

What sets us apart from the rest of the tour companies in Tanzania?  We know first hand how important it is to have a competent safari guide escorting you throughout your entire Tanzania safari adventure.  The majority of travel companies doing African safari holiday business do not provide guides for their groups.  If a client has a special request, to whom do they turn? Having a knowledgeable person with you will not only give you peace of mind, but will enhance your Tanzania safaris

holidays experience as well. If you want a vacation different from the standard safari vacations, plan your next safari with us.  Our genuine concern for clients and what they experience while on safari is what makes our Tanzania safaris special. 

It doesn’t matter which Safari you select; a Tanzania Safari; a Photo Safari, you are in for the best “Safari Adventure” of your life! We offer a superb range of safaris in Tanzania, from one night ‘tasters’ to a fabulous seven night safari expedition. Come with us on a safari in Africa and experience the ultimate holiday adventure. Each day extensive game drives are arranged, sometimes at day break when many of the animals are at their most active.

You travel in four wheel drive Toyota Safari Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, Unimogs (open back lorries) or specially adapted mini-buses led by experienced tour  drivers/guides, all with a vast knowledge of the game reserves and when and where to find the animals. However, specific sightings cannot be guaranteed. With all meals included in the price, our safaris represent excellent value for money. To learn more about creating a customized Safari to Tanzania or to another one of our African vacation destinations, please contact us. Or simply click the links to find out more regarding our African safari options -- including our scheduled safaris, budget safaris, and custom safaris. Pricing and rates are also available. We look forward to sharing Kenya with you. See you on a Kenya Safari!

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Major tour Attractions in Tanzania
Serengeti National Park
Accacia Tree at Serengeti National ParkThe Serengeti (14,673 sq.km) is one of the last great wildlife areas in Africa and the most famous. Huge open spaces, seemingly endless plains that blend with the horizon, fascinating rocky outcrops known as kopjes. Famous for its wildebeeste migration where up to 1.5million animals take part in following the rain patterns throughout the year in search for young blades of grass.
Visit the region and itineraries »
Arusha National Park
ArushaOne of the most beautiful parks in Tanzania and located 32 KM from Arusha (see map). Aside from the abundance of wildlife, fauna and flora there are three spectacular features; momella lakes, Meru Crater, and the Ngurdoto Crater. Both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru can be seen from the park when the weather is fine.Visit the region and itineraries »

TChimpanzee in Mahalehe glistening Lake Victoria is the world’s second-largest freshwater lake. It covers an area of nearly 70,000 sq km and is one of the chief sources of the Nile. Bordering Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, life around the lake’s shores has not changed since foreign explorers discovered it in the late 1850’s. The cultures are fascinating, the people beautiful and the scenery spectacular.
Visit the region and itineraries »

Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara National ParkLake Manyara National Park is situated on the western slopes of the Rift Valley with the Lake spanning a total of 390sq. kms, two thirds of the total park area. From the top of the escarpment where most lodges are situated, there is a magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding National Park. It is often possible to spot herds of buffalo and elephant from the lodges. Visit the region and itineraries »
Mout Kilimanjaro
Mount KilimanjaroKilimanjaro stands 330 kms south of the equator, on the northern boundary of Tanzania. Its location on an open plain close to the Indian Ocean, and its great size and height strongly influence the climate and thus its vegetation, animal life and climbing conditions. With foothills inhabited by elephant, buffalo, leopard and a wide variety of antelope, Kilimanjaro’s 5,895m Uhuru Peak is the highest point in Africa.
Visit the region and itineraries »
NgorongoroThe Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers an area across 8,300 sq km, in northern Tanzania. The crater bowl itself is 250 square km with sides up to 600 metres deep. The park is located between the Serengeti and Lake Manyara (see map). It is home to the famous volcanic Ngorongoro crater which is the largest unbroken caldera in the world. The crater (610 metres deep and 260 km squared) is a microcosm of East African scenery and game and is usually visited on the way back from the Serengeti to Arusha.
Visit the region and itineraries »

Ruaha National Park
Ruaha National ParkThis is one of Tanzania's least accessible parks (see map), and as result it is totally untouched and remains one of the most exciting game reserves (almost as large as the Serengeti). It is a birdwatcher's paradise as there are 350 species of bird that are not found in northern Tanzania and as the river runs through spectacular gorges and majestic trees it is specially appealing to photographers. The best months to go to see game are from July to November.
Visit the region and itineraries »

Selous Game ReserveThe Selous Game Reserve is big. Covering 50 000 sq km, it is 50% larger than Switzerland and is traversed by the world's greatest remaining herds buffalo, elephant, hippo and sable antelope. Although you will travel to the largest conservation area in Africa on a Selous Safari, you'll probably only experience a very small proportion of this mighty park.
Visit the region and itineraries »

Tarangire National Park
Tarangire National ParkTarangire is a long, thin park covering 1360 sq km running along the line of the Tarangire River. Although it is relatively small, Tarangire is easy to access and has some of the greatest concentrations of game in Tanzania - second only to the Ngorongoro Crater - and there are not nearly as many tourists. Experience the unrivalled landscape of open plains dotted with thousands of baobabs. Game viewing in Tarangire is largely affected by the presence of water, and during the dry season many animals congregate here in search of it.
Visit the region and itineraries »

Gombe StreamThe major attraction of the Gombe Stream National Park is the chimpanzees, made famous by Jane Goodall in 1960 when she established the area as a chimpanzee research station. Despite its tiny size of only 52 sq km, it's a magnificent, dense tropical forest rising steeply from Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania. Gombe also hosts a wide variety of bird species.Visit the region and itineraries »
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