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Uganda Safari tour and travel provides an opportunity to sample diversity of what safaris in Uganda can offer. This Uganda travel Guide presents a true picture of Uganda safaris is, as described by Churchill  "The Pearl of Africa" and now re - branded by the tourism fraternity as “Gifted by nature" This comprehensive safari resource  has  hundreds of safaris pages, provides assistance to anyone planning a safari to Uganda or aiming at Uganda holidays and vacations. Welcome to the Uganda Travel Directory and safaris guide.

Uganda is famous for, she is a unique safari country with unbelievably green and unspoiled forest beauty. Uganda tourinvolve gorilla safaris packages, wildlife lodge safaris, Uganda bird watching safaris and chimpanzee safaris

Safaris in Uganda commence from Entebbe or Kampala. The tours consists of Mountain gorilla safaris, taking you for a gorillas tracking safari to Bwindi impenetrable Forest, volcanoes Gorilla Forest in Rwanda and Chimpanzee tracking and trekking in Kabale and Kyambura Gorge Forest. Wildlife safaris to Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National park and water rafting safaris in Nile River of Uganda.
Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking safaris

Uganda Gorilla tracking has turned out to be a popular East Africa safaris activity. There are about 700 mountain gorillas primates left in the mountainous region in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo-Zaire with more than half in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Gorilla Safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National park rank as one of the most thrilling experiences in Uganda. Gorilla tracking safaris is an excellent safari activity that makes any Uganda Safari a life time experience.

Only a few have been habituated for humans to tour, making tracking primates these elusive mountain apes both a privilege and a rewarding holiday. Uganda Safari with African Safaris and Adventures offers you the opportunity to travel and track Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla Berengei) in their natural habitat in Uganda and Rwanda. A Gorilla Trekking Safari is not only unique but also interesting moving experience. Trekking gorillas through rain forest, following the trail of the wandering primates, spotting their night nests, finding fresh gorilla spoor before catching a first glimpse of the gorillas is awe- inspiring by any standards of Uganda Safaris. The mountain gorillas live in the dense rain Forest. The Virungas of Rwanda will give you a chance to see Rwanda gorillas. Safaris in Rwanda also include a tour of Rwanda national museums of Rwanda. As Uganda Travel experts we operate gorilla vacations to Rwanda, family holidays and honeymoon tours

Contact our Gorilla safari consultants for instant prices or simple send us your budget, even better take advantage of our Uganda safari packages
Uganda is one of the most alluring safari destinations in East Africa. A Uganda chimpanzee safari ranks among the top Kenya and Uganda tour calendar that cannot be easily taken elsewhere in the Africa and yet not discovered by mass tourists, Uganda is the best safari destination for chimpanzee tours and wildlife safaris. Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda and Gorilla Safaris gives you the opportunity to track this endangered mountain primates from the Virunga Mountains and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Your tour to see these mountain primates will help in ensuring their continued survival in their natural habitat of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.
We also operate bird watching safaris, ornithological and birding studies in Uganda. We are the original bird watching Uganda tour operator. Recently together with university students undertook a bird’s count and bird species in Uganda – click for info on birds of Uganda   
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African Safaris and Adventures is expert Uganda Safari Company and tour operator. Our safaris feature the best of Uganda and Rwanda with tour. We are happy to provide give you that dream holiday in East Africa. We arrange all types of tours and vacations in Uganda. As a traveler you need a travel agency that respects and honor tour travel requests, you need a tour agency that will take your there, that is what we are.
We operate an unrivaled choice of quality safaris, discounted tour packages to Uganda and Rwanda. Our Uganda Safaris packages are packed with exciting daily sightseeing. Our Uganda safari offers include Gorilla tours and safaris, Primate Chimpanzee tracking safari, Birding safaris, wildlife safaris to safari parks of Uganda and Rwanda.
We wish you a wonderful safari to Uganda as you book a gorilla safari or any primate tour to Uganda or Rwanda with us

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Uganda National Parks
Bwindi National Park
Acacia Tree at Serengeti National ParkThe Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a magnificent green swathe of dense rainforest, so ancient it survived the last ice age. Bwindi National Park covers 330 sq km of this rainforest and spans altitudes of 1,100 metres to 2,400 metres - a dramatic landscape of steep hills, narrow gorges and streams tumbling down waterfalls.
Aproclaimed World Heritage site, Bwindi is one of the most biologically diverse areas on earth. Its unique, precious flora sustains roughly half of the world's population of mountain gorillas - believed to number just 600. There's also a substantial chimpanzee population and Bwindi is the only forest in Africa in which these two apes live together.
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Mgahinga national park
Mgahinga is Uganda's smallest national park.It was established to Mgahinga National Park - Ugandaprotect the mountain gorillas of the Ugandan sector of the Virunga Volcanoes that straddle Rwanda and the DRC. Of the 600 mountain gorillas left in the world, 300 are found in the Virunga Volcanoes, whilst the other 300 are in the nearby Bwindi National Park. Although it is only 35 sq km, its volcanic landscapes are breathtaking and it harbours a wealth of animals and birds. No mountain gorillas live in Mgahinga permanently, but several troops move freely between the park and those in Rwanda and the Congo.
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Queen Elizabeth National Park
In Kazinga Channel at Queen Elizabeth National Park the western arm of the Great East African Rift Valley, is centred around Lake Edward and Lake George. The launch trip along the Kazinga Channel is especially good for viewing hippo, buffalo, elephant and a vast array of birds. Around Ishasha go on the hunt for the famous tree-climbing lions which lounge nonchalantly on old fig trees. The beautiful steeply forested Kyambura Gorge nearby, is home not only to chimpanzees but also the red-tailed monkey, black and white Columbus and many bird species.
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Murchison Falls
Murchison Falls in UgandaThe meandering River Nile and the dramatic Murchison Falls make this National Park, the biggest in Uganda, a stunning habitat for wildlife. Crocodiles, hippos, elephants and birds including the rare shoebill stork, bask on the banks of the Nile. Chimpanzees can be tracked in Budongo and Kanyiyo Pabidi nearby.

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Map Of Uganda
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Mount Ruwenzori Climbing - (12 days)
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Gorilla Safari - 7 days
12 Days Tours | Gorilla Safari
Gorilla Trekking to Bwindi - 8 Days
Uganda travel experts specialising in uganda holidays, accomodation in uganda hotels, uganda lodges,uganda information, uganda safari packages with cheap uganda flights, discounted uganda safaris , holidays in uganda ,uganda tourist map, gorilla safaris in uganda, bird watching safaris , gorilla tours at uganda national parks.
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