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Bird watching safari tours and holidays in Uganda is arguably regarded as East Africa best birding safari destination for birders, ornithological studies, botanists, lepidopterists, ornithologists or simple lovers of birds in Uganda.

Uganda is on record for having the highest bird species per square kilometer than any other country in Africa with 1008 bird species, going by the recent birds count and more birds are being identified each year

Uganda Birding safaris are the most leisurely in East African tropical birding tour destinations. Bwindi Forest alone as a birding site is ranked No. 1 by the African Bird Club.  Because of the wide range of habitats, from alphine crags to wetlands that attract Birds migratory and as well as indigenous birds, Uganda is blessed with a profusion of birdlife.

Ornithological and bird watching safari to Uganda offers an extraordinary natural history experience, combining over 1008 species of birds add the Mountain Gorilla tracking and trekking tours.
Uganda has such a wealth of attractions that each visit will yield new birds discoveries

Uganda bird watching safaris tours and travel
Uganda bird watching safaris offer the best birding location for core birders and Eco tourism given the various range of habitats where bird watching safaris are carried out. African safaris and Adventures birding tour guides are knowledgeable on birds of Africa and are always ready to assist were birds knowledge are required.

Info provided on this birding tours and safaris website is intended to help you have a perfect vacation and safari to Uganda. Find wide range information on birding holidays, Uganda safaris, luxury to budget hotels and accommodation, trekking chimpanzee in Uganda and many other trips. Birders to Uganda are expected to find almost 550 avian species in one park alone - Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park is one. 350 species have been recorded in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest. These two parks alone are among the richest protected areas to be found anywhere on Earth.
Please note that on your birding safaris in Uganda Tanzania and Kenya, you may need birding binoculars, an ornithology book for better identification of birds in Africa. We also encourage you to participate in efforts that encourage avian conservation of Uganda tourism

Bird watching sites in Uganda
Mabamba Swamp: Wetland area recently acknowledged and an International conservation area. Famous for the rare Shoebill Stork. African Safaris and Adventures will take you for birding in Mabamba Wetland
Kibale National Park: Here you will find a variety of forest birds including the Red Winged Francolin, Red Chested Fluftail, African Pita, Joyful greenbul and many other bird species totaling to about 335.

Queen Elizabeth National Park birding Safari: the Park which is also famous for wildlife in Uganda, hosts over 550 bird species. You will find 11 types of Kingfisher, several falcons, eagles and black bee eater.
Bwindi Birding Safari: One of the top riches flora and fauna forests of East Africa. Find over 357 bird species. A must not miss include the Albertine rift Endemics, Rwenzori Batis, Buhoma Ruhinja Black bee eater and the African Green Broadbill
Murchison Falls national park: 370 birds see the shoebill, giant kingfisher, bee eaters and other species

Top Bird watching safaris in Uganda with African safaris Adventures 
5 days birding safari in Queen Elizabeth national park, game viewing, chimpanzee tracking safari from the Kyambura gorge, launch trips on the Kazinga channel frequented by large numbers of hippos and birds including bird migrants.

10 Days uganda birding tour to the Mabamba swamp renowned for its rare shoebill stork, Lake Mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth national park with over 600 bird species, and Bwindi Gorilla Park. Other activities include mountain gorilla tracking from Bwindi Gorilla Park, launch trip on Kazinga channel.

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