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Eden Village Beach Resort, Watamu Beach, Mombasa

Eden Village is luxury beach hotel and intimate beach resort located in Watamu Beach, 105 km north of Mombasa and 10 km south of Malindi, Kenya, Eden Village Resort provides an exclusive beachfront haven with a wonderful array of amenities available for our guests to enjoy, at Eden Village Hotel enjoy ocean view dining at its finest with locally grown organic produce at our bar and our restaurants, In Eden Village glamour and leisure go together like celebrities and designer spouses, as Watamu island’s only truly beachfront boutique hotel, Eden Village fits right into the bling — and yet boldly stands out from our competitors. Direct beach access, nearby world-class golf, oceanfront restaurant and richly exotic vibe lure you back inside, where tranquil abandon awaits. Imagine a private sanctuary of tranquility and balance where the smallest of details have been carefully crafted with your experience in mind. Imagine an escape destined to expand your journey, while ensuring your privacy. Imagine Eden Village, a first wave eco-chic design beach resort. Inspired by nature’s own primitive forms and calming essences, Eden village architects joined forces to create the design & architecture of Eden Village Beach Resort. The project came with its own genetic code, translated through various references, colors, textures and aromas that promote the relationship between nature, man and the desire for simplicity, privacy, luxury and comfort. Framed by the white sands and turquoise Ocean, the careful design can be appreciated in its small details, created to make being in this location a unique experience. The introduction of this carefully crafted inspiration gave birth to exclusivity. With contemporary art and unique signature elements, Eden Village injects vigor and life into complimentary environments that are seamlessly connected and engaged with nature, contributing to a unique lifestyle; Embraced on the north by the resplendent panorama of miles of Indian Ocean outback and on the east by the turquoise enchantment of the open sea, Eden Village Resort is as wondrous as it is very private, a place where luxury is defined by its earth-given beauty. Eden Village Resort service style is best described as residential luxury. Intimate without being intrusive. Executed by impeccably trained attendants who capture your preferences and whims without perception, Eden Village Resort delivers a world-class hideaway experience that only the fortunate few can enjoy, and that Kenya is proud to present. Perfect blend of lavishness and comfort, Eden Village Resort in Watamu presents unparalleled luxury with a touch of tradition, nestled in blissful seclusion, each of our luxury rooms offer a unique set of defining characteristics attracting guests from all over the world, featuring plush accommodation in the lap of paradise, our efforts are focused on providing guests a holiday to be treasured. The 100 luxury suites are literally on the beach, each designer accommodation feature a king-size bed, Italian cotton sheets, goose-down pillows, double vanity bathroom basins, mini-bar, personal electronic safe, Every detail of the guest suites has been studied with a master design eye, from luxury beds and bedding to, the custom case goods and artwork, as well as the customary 5 star service. The resulting vision, a space fit for royalty. Pause and consider the place perceived in your mind's eye. Perhaps it is a vision of sea and sky, tropical brilliance fresh and unspoiled as a new dawn. People come seeking nature in abundance, a Garden of Eden, secluded beaches, beautiful, even spectacular surroundings, an oasis of comfort, active pursuits, or just lazing around with no crowds, no hustle, no bustle. People come here to break from everyday life, to enjoy a romantic interlude, to be with friends and family to grow with them, celebrate a special occasion, learn about the wonders of nature, start a new lease on life and most of all, relax and let go. There is such a place! To the discoverers of the New World it was, aptly, "Wataamu". You will discover it and call it Watamu Mombasa. Whatever picture you have of experiencing such a place, Eden Resort is where your dreams and desires all come together. Eden Hotel offers the intimate exclusivity of a small, deluxe beach resort on a vast site where you can find a space to call your own, here is a place that is charmed by a unique atmosphere, its own microclimate and favorable all year round conditions. Manicured grounds and fine accommodations blend with exuberant jungle vegetation and exotic birds and animals to create the perfect balance of nature and refinement. Here you will encounter a living community with a pulse that beats in time with its natural surroundings and to the push-pull rhythm of the constantly breaking Indian Ocean waves. The Eden Beach Hotel is a family run beach hotel right on the waterfront offering a little piece of paradise and fantastic water sports facilities. It is the ideal spot for relaxing, sun-drenched holidays in beautiful natural surroundings. The Eden Village Beach resort is all about warm hospitality, good food, relaxation and revitalizing on holiday. We give guests the space to enjoy doing absolutely nothing at all, or to have fun and learn something new in our superbly equipped water sports centre. Be as busy or as "unbusy" as you like. We want your beach vacation to be...well…more like a vacation. Stroll along the beach. Build sandcastles. Try stand up paddle boarding. Enjoy whale watching, Golf at the adjacent watamu golf course (special rates for our guests). Swim. Snorkel. Hike. Shop. Explore. Indulge in an oceanfront massage. Participate in some of our on-property activities, or simply lounge on a beach chair over a Tusker beer and take in the spectacular views. There’s plenty to do here. Or Not! Watamu Beach is a tradition for travelers who return again and again to its iconic shores. Lured by sun and surf, every visit is uniquely special in an atmosphere of heartfelt hospitality. Food today plays a key role, making some restaurants true centers of attraction. The Eden Village restaurant, with the supervision of the renowned chef is located in the central area of the resort with a distinctive decor and a magnetically attractive view of the sea. The space is designed to be the foci of the resort. The restaurant offers international cuisine rich with Italian influences. The menu by is the perfect balance of casual and chic that benefits the restaurant’s oceanfront resort setting, the soaring dining room – softly lit in the evening to welcome guests to drink, dine and linger. Comfortably ensconced on plush seating in the dining room, at the welcoming bar, or on the breeze-kissed outdoor veranda, guests peruse menu, featuring an assortment of appetizers along with fresh salads, homemade pastas. The menu will rotate seasonally and a children’s menu will also be available. The combination of our wait staff, candles flicker on beautifully appointed tables and upbeat music guarantee a dynamic ambiance. Outside on the Veranda, twinkling lights set a magical mood enhanced by the gorgeous night sky and sounds of the sea. There is no better way to dine with friends or loved ones than to enjoy delicious dishes crafted from the highest quality ingredients. A great dining experience should be more than just fabulous food; it should also be a wonderful shared journey. The Eden Village Resort lounge reveals a panoramic view in a privileged area. The lounge is flooded with overstuffed pillows, sleek tables and cozy couches. The bar offers a relaxed atmosphere, with soft lighting and music directed more to the spirit than to the ears. Our lounge is the venue designed for quiet conversation at the end of afternoon and evening. Here the moon, the sun and the stars naturally converge to greet you and provide lovely visual entertainment over the sea. Our chef occupies a place of prominence in the Kenyan national and international gastronomic scene. The originality of his culinary creations, his talent and his devotion to his craft has contributed to his reputation as one of the finest chefs in Africa. The chefs extensive experience permits the cuisine to engage the senses of sight, smell and taste, proof that there is a reward for being bold. With international recognition, including the features on the pages of the New York Times and assorted magazines in Europe, our chef is responsible for food that will certainly be one more reason to be attracted to the charm of Eden Village - It’s easy to stay connected with fast and reliable Internet service at Eden Village Resort. High-speed wired and wireless Internet is available in all guestrooms, meeting rooms and public areas of the hotel.

Eden Village Quick Facts

Within easy reach of Malindi, near the small village of Jacaranda, Eden Village Watamu Beach is set in an enchanting location, nestled in a pristine natural environment, in front of a pristine coral reef and surrounded by a beautiful multi-colored bougainvillea. The building, recently renovated, is located directly on the long white beach of fine sand that extends for 15 km from Watamu to Majungo. During low tide they create small atolls of white sand that you can reach by walking, offering a panorama of an exceptional show. The wonder of the landscape and the warm and friendly atmosphere of the village, make it the perfect place for those who want to relax and enjoy a holiday in close contact with nature. Rooms are available in different types, are cozy and furnished in typical local style. Other features include the main restaurant near the beach with buffet service which offers Italian and international dishes, a la carte restaurant overlooking the ocean with fish and shellfish, the pool and the beach volleyball court. The Eden Viaggi animation team also will entertain and engage all guests with tournaments, beach games and pleasant evening shows. Jacaranda, area known as Sardinia 2. It is 6 km from the center of Watamu (connected to the main road to 5km of dirt road), 14 km from Malindi, thanks to the new link road with a dirt road stretch of 8 km and 125 km from Mombasa airport.

All Inclusive: Meals

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet at the main restaurant
• 2 snacks a day served at the bar from 11.00 to 12.00 and from 17.00 to 18.00.
• Welcome cocktail
• Plain water from dispenser, local wine and beer by the glass with meals included
• Natural water dispenser, soft drinks, coffee at the bar from 10.00 to 23.00.
For various services and entertainment to see detailed descriptions.
For a fee: espresso coffee, bottled beverages, and canned, local and international spirits.
Start / end of service: 10:00 to 23:00


100 Tropical divided into rooms, rooms Lion / Crocodile / Flamingo closest to the beach and the pool and Deluxe located opposite the beach, are all furnished in the local style and have air conditioning, ceiling fan, bed with mosquito net (extra bed available ), safe (fee), electrical adapters and hair dryer on request at the reception, balcony or terrace. Deluxe rooms also come with a mini fridge and hairdryer. Cots available on request.


Watamu is a small town located approximately 105 km north of Mombasa and about 15 km south of Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It lies on a small headland, between the Blue Lagoon and Watamu Bay. Its main economic activities are tourism and fishing. Being a small fishing village that is sheltered behind three separate coves divided from one another by eroded limestone Islands. At low tide each of the bays becomes a broad wide strand and it is possible to walk to the nearby islands and take a swim on the way in the crystal clear turqoise sea. Despite major development of the surroundings of Watamu into holiday resorts and private beach bungalows, the original village is still the centre of local fishermen and their boats with their characteristic sails adds great charm to the beautiful lagoon. Watamu has wonderful beaches and it has a very laid back atmosphere – perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. Also there are many interesting places to visit if you want to explore; Mida Creek, Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Gede Ruins and other attractions on the coast are within easy access from Watamu. Also you can walk about 3 km down the beach (or take a boda boda along the road) where you will reach the end of the peninsula forming the entrance/exit of a large bay leading to Mida Creek. It’s another perfect day on Watamu beach in Kenya, as tourists sip lunchtime cocktails beside the pool and contemplate an afternoon of water sports. Down the road that runs behind the growing line of beach resorts, tourists watch two turtles that are flipping forlornly around shaded ponds in a rehabilitation centre. Hetty Meggy, the project manager of Local Ocean Trust's Watamu Turtle Watch(WTW), is telling them about Shela, a green turtle hit by a tourist boat who now struggles with her buoyancy, and Chokoraa, a hawksbill whose intestines were "literally made of plastic" when he was rescued. Of the turtles admitted to the centre, 62% are there because of human-related causes – many associated with tourism. While people come to Kenya hoping to see turtles, increasing tourist numbers are putting pressure on the population. And fewer turtles will in turn mean Kenya's tourism industry will suffer. Tourism has boomed along Kenya's 500km coastline in the past 30 years, as increasing numbers of European and American tourists have been attracted by the clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and abundant wildlife. Much of the Kenyan coast has been developed, with beaches around Mombasa among the most heavily built-up coastal areas north of South Africa. Lamu, Watamu and Malindi are also established holiday destinations, while emerging areas include the Arabuko-Sokoke and Kaya coastal forests and the Tana delta. Given that every eight tourists are estimated to create one job, this is good news for the local economy. But it's not such a welcome trend for sea turtles, which are seeing their nesting sites reduced by erosion, and who are killed by pollution and poaching. Five of the world's seven species of turtle are found in Kenya – green, hawksbill and olive ridleys nest along the coast, and the loggerheads and leatherbacks migrate through the waters. All five species of marine turtles found in African waters are listed by the IUCN as endangered or critically endangered. The world population is estimated to have declined by 80% over the past 50 years, and the WWF says trends indicate that in the next 50 years marine turtles may vanish from eastern Africa. "Turtles are an indicative species. For millennia, turtles have come ashore between one and 10 times a year to lay their eggs on pristine, deserted beaches. But this ancient ritual is under enormous threat because the nesting and foraging sites where the turtles lay their eggs have become prime beachfront real estate. "Coastal developments are one of the top five threats to sea turtles. Because of the loss of land, turtles may waste their eggs in the sea or lay them in an inappropriate location, reducing their chance of survival. The greatest problem is when an entire beach is affected by coastal developments. Fishing off the coast of Kenya is governed by the twin monsoons, the Kusi and the Kaskazi. The Kusi, or southeast monsoon, blows from late March until November. The Kaskazi typically starts mid-December, when the winds change to the northeast, creating warmer, calmer conditions. Most visiting anglers target sailfish in Kenya and while an occasional sailfish can be caught more or less at any time of the year, the period between September and January marks the peak season. Almost the entire coast produces good numbers of sailfish — the area off Malindi, just north of Watamu, is one of the very best. Of the three species of marlin caught in East Africa, blacks are by far the most abundant. Like sailfish, an occasional black marlin can be caught at any time of the year, but July through September can be especially productive. Prime season for Kenyan marlin is January through March. The average black here is usually in the 100- to 300-pound range, but there are certainly much bigger fish around. Slow-trolling a bridle-rigged live frigate mackerel around the Banks, the Rips and an area known as the Boiling Pot off Watamu catches the most blacks. By Christmas, striped marlin start to arrive, with their numbers peaking between January and March. The deep blue water offshore around the Rips and the underwater mountains off Watamu mark the hottest spots, with most stripes caught trolling lures or large strip baits. Reasonable numbers of blues are often mixed in with the striped marlin — again, mostly fish in the 100- to 300-pound range. The Kenyan blue-marlin record, 1,248 pounds, was caught back in March 1995 aboard the Kingfisher boat Neptune, fishing in Watamu. There are so many invigorating activities to excite you in Watamu. Head out to the deep waters on a big game fishing expedition or enjoy a few rounds of golf at the nearby world class course on Vipingo Ridge. The coast also offers a range of aquatic sports to entertain you - soar above the waves while kite-surfing, catch the breeze while windsurfing or scuba dive beneath the surface of the water to explore the reef. Watamu’s well-established Water Sports Centre has pedaloes, kayaks, sailing boats and hobie cats for splashing around on the water. Put on your snorkel and discover a realm of colour and unusual aquatic creatures beneath the surface of the waves. More than a thousand species of marine life exist here - angelfish, parrotfish, groupers, filefish, lionfish, damselfish, moray and octopus. Through the seagrass you might also see blue spotted rays, mullet and snappers quivering in the warm water. Swim further yet and you’ll spot sweet lips, crocodile fish and drumerfish. Beneath you, silver shoals of large nocturnal baracuda nap through the afternoon, unaware of your inquisitive gaze. If you’d rather not swim, a glass bottom boat will also show you the coral forest its vibrant, scaly inhabitants. If you want to burn some energy and stay out of the sun - work out in our gym or play tennis on our floodlit court. “Super staff and great activities - we have laughed our hearts out! Fishing, snorkelling, bowling, swimming, eating and drinking have made this a fantastic stay. Watamu vs Malindi? Which one is better? This is a frequently asked question to which I can only respond “it depends.” First of all, let me clarify: they are both tourist destinations on the north coast of Kenya that are only 10 km apart as the crow flies. Watamu doesn’t actually have its own township, it’s purely are fishing village and beach destination; the administrative offices are in Malindi. This is also why the village of Watamu has always been, and is still today, a small and, better yet, isolated fishing village that hasn’t lost its special characteristics. Tourism structures pop up on the right and left of the three bays in this village. Fortunately, thanks to its distinctive features, Watamu continued to be a lesser-known village among the masses, at least up until a little while back when Malindi’s uncontrolled growth, combined with a drop in mass tourism, stole a little light from step-sister Malindi to cast it upon Cinderella Watamu. Is Malindi or Watamu better? It depends on what you want from your beach holiday. Malindi is a big city with also traffic problems, noise, etc… But if you like nightlife, clubbing until the early morning, going to casinos, or even spending all night in one of malindi city strip clubs with prostitutes, beer and grilled meat, then I would recommend Malindi. Watamu doesn’t have many of these types of night club attractions, just a handful of delicious restaurants and a couple of gastro-pubs which turn into disco bars after 10 o’clock in the evening. Watamu, moreover, is one of the best beaches, not only in Kenya, but in Africa: Malindi, on the other hand, has a more developed residential sector: in fact, many Italian people who have been attracted by Kenya’s fantastic climate have built amazing villas where they can forget about winter. You needn’t speak Italian in Malindi, but it sure is useful. Watamu beach Mombasa is the ideal location to blend three holiday needs in Kenya: an encounter with the sea, among the most spectacular on the planet, being close to the magic of Kenya safaris and the Savannah, and a culture that is almost more precious than old. To sum it up, Watamu has a fantastic sea and a unique contact with nature, there is little to do in the evenings except take in the silence and the fragrance of Africa, relaxing and counting stars. And …if you want to stay up late, a 20 minute taxi ride will take you to Malindi and wait for you. Watamu and Malindi are two towns about 10km apart on the north coast of Kenya. The area can be reached by road and also via flights from the capital city Nairobi, taking just over an hour in total by air. Differences between the two towns guarantee that there is something for everyone in this exotic and exciting part of Kenya! With some great culinary options, spectacular accommodation, vibrant nightlife, and one of the best beaches in the whole of Africa, Watamu and Malindi are two destinations that are well worth visiting during your African holiday! The bigger town of the two, Malindi has all the vibrancy and culture you expect of city life. There are bountiful shopping opportunities, plenty of fairways for golf fanatics, as well as casinos, restaurants, bars and nightclubs that stay open until the first light of dawn! Malindi also boasts a lot of natural beauty, in the form of a number of tropical beaches and other secluded areas. Watamu provides a more serene location for a beach holiday. This is a quiet fishing village that has maintained all of its traditional and local characteristics. There are some lovely restaurants, featuring delicious local seafood, as well as a handful of pubs that stay open after regular hours to turn into discos. Watamu also has beautiful beaches, including one that enjoys a reputation as among not only the finest in Kenya but in all Africa too! Accommodation in Watamu consists of a number of established holiday resorts just outside the main village, in addition to a few private lodges and guesthouses in the surrounding wooded areas – these make excellent use of the awesome views and provide a great mix of activities too. There are loads to do throughout Malindi & Watamu. A Marine National Park has been created at Watamu, offering diving and snorkelling opportunities for daytrippers. The coast offers many more activities, such as boat cruises and fishing expeditions. To the north-west of Malindi, just a short drive away, visitors can marvel at the magnificent collection of sandstone gorges and gullies at Marafa Depression, which has become part of the mystical local folklore and is popularly known as Hell’s Kitchen. Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve provides thick and luscious jungle for intrepid explorers! Trek along the many winding paths, binoculars at the ready for viewing some rare bird species. You can also see herds of elephant! It is here that the lost Swahili town of Gedi is located, a crumbling and deserted trading town that tells a story in its emptiness. Two contrasting towns, both well worth a visit – just contact us to start planning your holiday! Getting to Watamu is easy. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi is a major hub for international airlines and from there it is an easy 45-minute flight to Malindi airport on coast. There are daily flights available with Kenya Airways, Jambojet, AirKenya and Fly 540. The flight is very scenic, passing over the expanse of Tsavo East and West National Parks enroute to the descent to Malindi by the Indian Ocean. Watamu is just 30 minutes from the airport and a taxi from Malindi to Watamu will cost between 2000-3000 Kenya Shillings (around $25-35). Alternatively pre-book a transfer via your hotel. You can also fly from Nairobi to the coastal city of Mombasa. From Mombasa International Airport you can drive around 90 minutes drive to Watamu, which is a scenic drive along the coast passing through sisal plantations and crossing beautiful Kilifi creek. A taxi from here will cost around 6000-8000 kshs (around $70-90). Once in Watamu getting around is easy. There are taxis available locally at affordable rates, which can be booked via your hotel or from the staff at rental houses or can be called from restaurants. Bikes can be hired locally and are a fantastic way of exploring the surrounding area. You can also explore the local area on foot via the beaches or through town.


Tribe Watersports Watamu Kenya is a world class water sports facility internationally renowned for being one of the world’s leading training providers. Located in Watamu, Kenya – home to some of the most breathtaking beaches where the conditions are perfect for learning and enjoying any water sport. Specialising in Kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and also arranging Deep Sea Fishing, Snorkelling and Scuba Diving. Tribe Watersports can cater for all your needs whether it be tuition, rental or advice. Pick your desired sport above or contact us to find out more information. Tribe Watersports is located on the roadside opposite Plot 28 on Watamu’s main road. Kitesurfing in Watamu is some of the world’s best due to a variety of conditions that the bay provides. These include large sand bars perfect for learning or for flat water freestyle and a reef that spans the length of the bay which creates epic surf for the wave riders amongst you. Stand up paddle boarding in Watamu is also fantastic as the existing conditions allow for beginner progress as well as advanced wave riding. SUP in Watamu is also benefited by the large sheltered inland Mida creek which allows for excursions through the mangrove forest.

Kitesurfing in Watamu

Kitesurfing in Watamu, Kenya is some of the best in the world. By now most people will have seen or heard of kitesurfing especially as it is one of the worlds fastest growing sports. Kitesurfing can easily be described as one of the most exciting sports to take part in and combines kite flying and board skills to cruise over the water. We provide courses that cater for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced riders. Our highly experienced kitesurfing instructors have taught well in excess of 1000 people to kitesurf worldwide. We are also have one of the worlds best kitesurfers Sam Light as part of our guest coach team. Sam, a Slingshot pro rider will be offering coaching clinics when he is able to take time away from his busy schedule on the world tour. Common misconceptions about kitesurfing are that you need to be strong and that it is difficult to do. The truth is quite the opposite. Kitesurfing is a relatively easy sport to pick up when compared with similar sports such as windsurfing. Lessons are required so that people understand the safety aspect of the sport in order to keep themselves and any other members in the area safe. Strength is also not imperative when learning to kitesurf, indeed the female world champion was only ten years old when she won her first world title. The sport requires technique not strength and the power of the kite is controlled through a harness not your arms. This makes it the perfect sport to learn as a family as all are able to enjoy and participate. Watamu provides the ideal natural classroom for learning this sport effectively. Ben Kelliher our head of training was one of the first kitesurfers in Kenya and grew up learning to kitesurf in Watamu giving him a wealth of knowledge on the local conditions, locations to learn, and secret spots to ride. All our lessons and rentals are carried out with the latest Slingshot kitesurfing equipment. Our array of kites ranges from their fantastic beginner/intermediate Z Kite in all sizes to the Rally and the RPM which is possibly the best kite on the market.

Watamu Deep Sea Fishing

The waters off Watamu offers some of the best deep sea fishing in the world and have a hugely diverse range of fishing opportunities. It is one of the very few places where three types of Marlin, Sailfish, Broadbill Swordfish and Shortbill Spearfish are all available. Watamu is situated at the very centre of the Kenyan coast line. As soon as you get across Watamu’s protective coral reef you are in to some of the best fishing Kenya has to offer. Both full day and half day trips are available, so if you enjoy the epic struggle of Man vs. Fish then this is definitely the activity for you.

Watamu Scuba Diving

Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving in Watamu in warm tropical waters surrounded by brilliantly coloured tropical fish? Have you wished to encounter the oceans huge fish and dolphins close up, or experience the thrill of an encounter with a shark in its natural environment? Are you looking to see for yourself the fabulous colours on a coral reef, discover all the fascinating invertebrates and crustacea or even meet a sea turtle face to face?

Booking Eden Village

vacanze all-inclusive economici a Watamu sono una scelta popolare per coloro che spendono, non solo si permettono di bilancio per la maggior parte della vostra vacanza al mare prima ancora di salire a bordo l'aereo, ma, una volta che hai presi in considerazione il costo di comparse su un self-catering break - cibo, bevande, intrattenimento - all-inclusive vacanza offerte lavorare più conveniente, last minute all-inclusive possono essere un particolare affare troppo. Tutto incluso vacanze in famiglia sono l'ideale per i genitori e gruppi. Stare insieme e fare nuove amicizie con facilità su vacanze in famiglia all inclusive. I bambini possono mescolare con altri bambini e si può ottenere tutto insieme, senza preoccuparsi di una bolletta enorme. Le probabilità sono si incontra gruppi di persone che la pensano troppo in amichevole resort all-inclusive. Libro di alta qualità a 5 stelle a Watamu Mombasa tra sistemazioni di lusso, più benessere, boutique resort & hotel sulla spiaggia di Watamu Mombasa centro alberghi informazioni, scegliere le migliori offerte per vacanze spiaggia all inclusive con località balneari Watamu come un pacchetto, prenotare online clicca su uno qualsiasi dei nostri eccezionali hotel a Watamu Mombasa per le ultime offerte e la disponibilità camere. Offriamo una selezione di hotel sulla spiaggia a Watamu Mombasa, si è sicuri di trovare offerte a buon mercato e tassi di sconto tra loro con la Garanzia del miglior prezzo, non importa quale tipo di Mombasa Watamu hotel sulla spiaggia colpisce la vostra fantasia, vi consente di cercare per il vostro preferito uno per soddisfare le tue esigenze di viaggio, ci sarà non solo risparmiare tempo, ma anche denaro con il vostro soggiorno in un resort sulla spiaggia a Watamu Mombasa, le prenotazioni in modo da poter rimanere nei limiti del budget è facile con noi, abbiamo anche fornisce una mappa così si possono trovare resort di Mombasa si preferisce, andare avanti. Immettere le date del viaggio per visualizzare le migliori offerte su camere d'albergo a Mombasa Beach, Kenya ora! Trova un hotel a Watamu Mombasa su questo sito di viaggi, si può facilmente trovare qualsiasi hotel a Mombasa utilizzando uno dei metodi indicati: Guarda la selezione delle stazioni presenti in Watamu Mombasa Beach, Utilizza la mappa per individuare gli hotel a Mombasa ogni quartiere si preferisce, Utilizza i filtri per visualizzare gli hotel economici a una determinata area di Mombasa Beach, seleziona un tema specifico o una classe hotel da quella di base (1 stella) a quella di lusso (5 stelle) a Mombasa Beach, Immettere le date del viaggio per visualizzare le migliori offerte per hotel di lusso a Malindi Mombasa Beach o chiamateci con i numeri di telefono o di contattarci con l'indirizzo di posta elettronica fornito su questo sito