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Bus Hire is the leading coach hire and bus rental company in Kenya, we offer bus rental services from Nairobi to Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Naivasha, or anywhere else in Kenya, If you need to rent a bus in Kenya then come to the couch rental specialists, from VIP buses, Air conditioned buses, shuttle buses, staff buses, wedding buses, conference buses and funeral buses we have them all, browse our selection of luxury coaches and buses, 18 seater buses, 25 seater buses, 30 seater buses and 50 seater buses, As the leading provider of coach hire in Kenya and Tanzania, you’ll be in expert hands when you make your travel booking with us. Whether you need a 25 seater bus hire for a school trip, 18 seater Mitsubishi Rosa bus hire for an airport transfer or a standard 30 seater Nissan Civilian rental for a sightseeing tour, we can provide you with the pick of the best; plus we guarantee to find you the lowest rate around. We operate a unique system which enables us to offer our customers truly unbeatable prices. With our extensive experience within the transport industry we’ve established strong links in Kenya, when you call us to get a bus hire in Kenya, we do all the leg work on your behalf, all it takes is one simple phone call to us then just wait for your low cost Kenya coach hire quotes. Regardless of where you need to travel, how many people you need to transport or how large or small your budget, we will work with you to ensure you get a service which ticks all the boxes. All of our tour consultants are highly knowledgeable on all aspects of Kenya coach rental and they will be happy to discuss every one of your available options, plus they’ll advise you on the best deals to suit your occasion. Because we want all of our clients to receive the very best Kenya bus hire booking experience, we only offer vehicles of the highest standard. All of our coaches and minibuses are regularly maintained and are fully equipped with the latest safety features; these include seatbelts, first aid kits and fire extinguishers. If you’re embarking upon a long distance journey then you may be interested in hiring one of our fully executive vehicles as they offer a superior level of comfort. Onboard these luxury coaches you’ll find reclining seats, DVD/TV system, W.C and air conditioning. You’ll be sure to have a relaxing trip when you hire one of these vehicles. Of course, each of our coaches and buses is supplied along with an experienced driver who will take care of the finer details of your journey. They’ll be on hand to assist with the loading and unloading of luggage, directions, parking, and scheduling of comfort breaks. Our coaches and buses for rental are ideal for transporting family, friends or a whole sporting team in Nairobi and Mombasa. At Car hire and vehicle rental we can find you the most affordable holiday package when you need to hire a luxury bus or coach; We can even take care of your holiday car hire quickly and easily, and we can’t wait to show you all of the new and exciting additions and developments there have been in luxury coach hire in Nairobi. If you are traveling to Nairobi airport in a large party or with a large family you may want to consider Hiring a Bus at Nairobi Airport instead of many vehicles. Taking the option of Bus Hire in Nairobi or Mombasa Airport carries many advantages over hiring a normal sized car and also adds a little extra fun in driving something different from what you normally may be used to. Arranging coach hire at Nairobi airport for airport transfers is just as easy as normal car hire and there are many vehicle types and models to choose from. Car hire and vehicle rental is an exciting, fresh and friendly bus rental company which aims to bring affordable and professional bus rental in Kenya. As we grow we just get better, but we do not forget where we came from. We care for each and every Kenya bus rental customer and continue to strive to offer service at the highest possible level. When you use our car and Minibus Hire in Nairobi you are contributing to the improvement of the car rental industry as we take on the big guys and strive to make car rental more affordable to the nation. With us you can now see the sights in and around Nairobi, Mombassa, Malindi and Kisumu in space and comfort with our bus rent hire. Do you have a big family? Are you travelling in a large group? Why struggle constantly to squeeze everything into a smaller car when you can enjoy your vacation in the space and comfort of a minivan hire from us. We offer a variety of minivan and minibus rentals in Kenya. Our minibus rentals use only top class vehicles which come equipped with luxury seating and safety belts on all seats. Our minibus rental options include the Toyota voxy which has large windows and comfortable seats which make it perfect for sightseeing. We also offer the Toyota Noah range, whichever you choose you are sure to get the best deal on minibus rental in Kenya with us, we also provide efficient and affordable Mombasa and Nairobi airport shuttle services offered 24/7 between the Airports and the various hotels or private homes. The company also offers door-to-door transportation anywhere in Kenya to accommodate larger groups (up to 50 passengers) our comfortable, airport shuttle buses are well suited to bring your family or business group in comfort and ease to or from the airport with all of your luggage. Make your reservation today for our private airport van charter service.

Kenya Information

Kenyan transportation is one of the first things that you research carefully before leaving home. Many of the best things to do in Kenya are located in remote wilderness areas with poor roads. There are limited Kenya bus routes and other public transport options, and the Kenya railways system has only one route (between Mombasa and Nairobi) that does not operate daily. There is passenger service between Nairobi and Kisumu on Lake Victoria, but this route is rarely used by tourists and you need to be particularly alert for thieves. While Kenya car rental can be a viable option, you must prepare yourself for an “expedition” of the type you might need if you planned on driving yourself through the vast Outback of Australia. If you spend some time researching driving conditions in the country, and believe you are the type of person who can take responsibility for your own safety, then the country can be a spectacular self-drive destination. If you plan to visit any of the national parks or wildlife reserves or spend a significant amount of time outside the two largest cities of Mombasa and Nairobi, you must have a four-wheel vehicle – even if you are an excellent off road driver. Additionally, you need to feel comfortable driving in the right lane in a developing country. If you have never driven a four-wheel drive vehicle on the right-hand side, it is strongly suggested that you take a course before setting out on your own. There are several car-hire companies in Nairobi that will lease you a vehicle and offer a course once you arrive to pick it up. There are some good main roads in Kenya, but even many of the main routes have long patches of extremely rough surface – they may show “paved” on a map, but “paved” is a relative term. Any road that does not appear as paved on a map is apt to be a rutted dirt track in the middle of nowhere where you might have a breakdown or get stuck. In almost all cases, assistance can take hours or even a couple days to reach you. In many cases, a restaurant, groceries, water, and a place to sleep could also be hours or a couple days away. If you plan to be only in Nairobi or Mombasa, then Kenya car rentals with driver are really necessary. In fact, a self-drive vehicle can be more of a headache than a convenience. City traffic is extremely heavy and extremely chaotic. You can obtain Kenya car rentals at the Nairobi or Mombasa airports when you first arrive in the country. Some of the Nairobi hotels in these cities also will have access, including a few of the major international franchises like African safaris and Adventures and Africa safaris destinations. Purchase the required amount of insurance and obtain an International Driving Certificate. Technically, you can drive there with your own valid license, but an International Driving Certificate will help to avoid any difficulties. There are random police checkpoints on all roads, which are primarily looking for vehicles without proper inspection and insurance stickers, vehicles that do not meet safety codes, and overloaded vehicles. It is important to obtain excellent, up-to-date maps and plan your itinerary to reach each destination before nightfall. In addition to limited roads and the poor condition of many of them, the larger Kenyan transportation picture includes traffic and road safety. Until quite recently, the country (as is true of most countries in Africa) was notorious for its spectacular road accidents with multiple casualties due to reckless speeding, overloaded vehicles, and vehicles that were not safe. This has changed significantly in the last couple years with strict traffic laws, including frequent vehicle inspection, limits to passenger numbers, and speed governors on all commercial vehicles. These new regulations have made the roads safer and a Kenya bus trip is no longer a hair-raising life-and-death adventure in a vehicle that is decrepit and overloaded to the point of suffocation. These buses are excellent for young backpackers and those on strict budgets who don’t mind a little discomfort. One is the Nairobi-Mombasa route and the other is the Nairobi to Arusha, Tanzania route (especially the latter). A very large percentage of visitors to Kenya will enter Tanzania during their trip, and unless you fly from Nairobi Airport to Kilimanjaro Airport, the main route is from Nairobi to Arusha. This is a “luxury” shuttle in a more modern vehicle with a reasonable number of seats and a very reasonable fare. It departs from a central station in Nairobi as well as a couple of the major hotels. There is a similar “luxury” shuttle route between Mombasa and Moshi, which is the Tanzania base town for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. By far, the two forms of Kenyan transportation used most often by tourist are car hire and vehicles driven by professionally trained drivers, who almost always are also professionally, trained wildlife guides. Most of these vehicles in Kenya are Nissan-type minibuses (fewer Land Rovers and Jeeps) that have been customized for wildlife safaris in the country’s wonderful national parks and wildlife reserves. You can certainly rent suitable four-wheel drive vehicles to drive yourself on safari, but the advantages of having a professional intimately familiar with all the wildlife and the tracks in the parks are many. Virtually all Kenya vacation packageswill include a vehicle