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Leopard Beach Villas, Malindi, Kenya – Beach Villas in Malindi

Leopard Beach Villas are gorgeous fully furnished and self catering beach villa that combine a chic beach resort located in Malindi, Kenya, Everything about Leopard Beach Villas exudes luxury and excellence with a combination of designer furniture and decorative antiques, you will be charmed by the elegance of the décor, the choice of the materials and soft furnishings, the combination of the colours and the peaceful atmosphere, a legend in the making in tune with the very soul of Malindi beach. Effortlessly experience the zenith of Kenyan hospitality expertise while steeped in “Oriental Chic” tropical luxury, step out of the ordinary into an inspired level of excellence rarely found in such an exclusive beach resort in such a desirable location, a special place where each moment is a celebration of the finest qualities of life. At Leopard Villa surround yourself in architecture to contemplate and participate, furnishings to inspire and hearten, this is a beach hotel taking you in to the realm of Oriental intoxicatingly pleasurable ambience. Escape to your own seaside villa with Private pool, yhe Suites features the best in accommodation with spacious terrace. Pleasure your favorite moments over an intimate dinner in your private villa or value a mouth-watering meal at our Chef’s Table, a sanctuary to a wonderful selection of international cuisines and signature dishes, plus fine wines and delicious drinks to match the luxurious tropical atmosphere and beautifully outstanding setting. Enjoy sunset cocktails and conversation while overlooking the Indian Ocean. Friendly, well-trained staff pampers you with personalized service. Let the murmur of the azure ocean waters warmed by the tropical sun escort you to a serene hideaway cradled in a corner of North Coast of Mombasa. Leopard Beach Villas is the epitome of exclusivity, refreshingly modern, yet consciously sustainable, truly unique among Malindi hotels. Immerse in an exotic fusion of southern beauty and exemplary comforts, with the assurance of a special sense of belonging. A magnificent infinity swimming pool is situated directly in front of the living room, and the pool deck offers fabulous views of diving boats, fishermen passing by, and the most wonderful sunsets. Very comfortable lounges are available on the pool deck. Beautifully landscaped gardens surround the pool area and the beach villa. The Leopard Beach Villa location offers fabulous views of the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. The experienced and attentive staffs at Leopard Villas are delightful, warm and dedicated professional team comprising a staff of forty, who serve guests with traditional Swahili hospitality. All the staff is sufficiently trained and has the necessary experience to meet the guests’ expectations, and includes a chefs, butlers, housekeepers, laundress, and gardeners/pool man. The chef has his own personal garden with fruits and vegetables that he has planted himself. A perfect location for a destination beach wedding or executive meeting retreat on pristine Malindi beach, Kenya finest beach with uninterrupted, breathtaking panoramas to the Indian Ocean....the perfect place for your dream get away. Leopard Beach Villa is truly a stunning beach villa where innovative architecture has been applied in order to generate as much as possible natural ventilation to minimize the need for climate controlled equipment, which besides consuming a lot of energy, also is rather unhealthy when used on a daily basis. Our villas are also equipped with large ceiling fans that combined with the natural ventilation gives a nice breeze throughout the living and bedroom areas. The great thing about this design is it also is in accordance with local traditions and style so it blends nicely in with the rest of the island. "The great thing about this is that at night one can sleep with the windows and doors open and enjoy the sound of the waves breaking onto the beach which has this kind of meditating effect and helps one get into a really deep sleep. "It also gives you a great sense of freedom and a feeling of being out in nature whilst your villa offers all the modern day comforts you could expect in a five star resort - plus the television. Although all villas offer digital air-conditioning, the resort is very proud to demonstrate that it is really an unnecessary luxury but it does give a peace of mind that cooling the bedroom at night is possible for those that prefer this or like to sleep with the windows and doors closed. No large trees have been cut for the development of our beach resort, instead the villas have been build around the trees and adapted to the natural surroundings to make sure there is no negative impact on nature. The wood used in our project is all from plantations with a few exceptions such as the big wooden pillars in the bar and restaurant, which were from trees that washed up on our beach. Smaller trees have been relocated where necessary and this is quite evident as one can see our lush vegetation is very mature. Another unique feature at Leopard Beach Resort is the privacy and personal space. With over seven hundred meters of beach front and views onto the Indian ocean beach our resort has only fifteen villas spread out across the site which really gives this a great hideout feel, ideal for couples or even friends and families who could take a larger three or four bedroom villa with lots of privacy. Leopard Beach Villas is an art nouveau country seat which falls sheer to the sea, not far from Malindi town. It’s a unique place for its elegance and atmosphere, important features of the private dwelling. Leopard Beach Villas offers an unexpected hospitality and who is looking for an exclusive place finds out an extraordinary experience, which is very refined but also warm and informal. Each one of the 15 rooms that make or the 4 villas is furnished carefully, paying attention to every detail but we haven’t forgotten modern comfort; for more they offer a romantic seascape and delightful sensations. Our guests are envelopped by an intimate atmosphere thanks to the common areas and their comfortable drawning rooms and the terraced restaurant where you can have an exclusive dinner looking at the marvellous Ocean. Leopard Beach Villas is the right place to celebrate an important event, for a romantic and exclusive honeymoon or even for a warm and friendly moment. Welcome the rich aromas of a culinary spectacle that will surely entice your taste buds. Offering you a fusion of international flavours, our dining options believed by many to be some of the best amongst Malindi restaurants, cater to a memorable experience. From traditionally vibrant Swahili curries, fresh platters of succulent seafood to delicious western cuisine, the choice is yours.

Our tales

The story goes that a pair of leopards chose a wonderful stretch of coast to live in and breed, among rocks, white beach and an evocative mangrove thicket where they enjoyed an exceptional view of the Kenyan coast. This place was later called Leopard Point, where today the Luxury Beach Resort that takes its name and inspiration from it stands. The Resort aims to offer its guests a complete and unique sensory experience, a state of exceptional harmony between man and environment. Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort’s path is one to embark on calmly, listening to the waves of the Indian Ocean that break placidly on the sand, smelling the fragrance of the Frangipani, Hibiscus and Oleanders or reinvigorating oneself under the life-giving and bright rays of the African sun, but also enjoying the nuances of colour of the coral reef. These sensory emotions have been interpreted and married by expert professionals to offer a Concept of Excellent Psycho-physical Wellness. The Resort, immersed in a very well-tended tropical garden with ornamental and medicinal plants like the Hibiscus, Frangipani, Aloe Vera, Baobab, Moringa and Neem (known as “the Village Pharmacy”) is cared for to the minutest detail. The Villas that make up the Resort are completely independent with a private swimming-pool and garden and from their raised position overlook the Indian Ocean with its breathtaking views. They are spread out around the Wellness Centre and Spa endorsed by Marc Mességué, the real pivot of the Resort. They are built using Swahili traditional techniques and furnished with the experience of Italian design, using strictly local materials. The roof is done in Makuti, a typical local roofing material made of interwoven palm fronds, the floors are in finely-polished taraso and every furnishing has been made by expert local hands, using mango and Mvule wood. To complete the premises, there is an evocative beach equipped with a Grill Bar and Restaurant for the exclusive patronage of the guests and a small rocky area from which one can admire the stunning view of a long and uncontaminated stretch of the Kenyan coast. The Leopard Point Beach Resort, however, is not only this: it will take you by the hand, taking you to explore the world that surrounds it step by step. You will be assisted by specialized and professional staff who will accompany you in search of African peoples and animals in a complete and unique experience. The welcoming African location of the Leopard PointBeach Resort is the perfect union between wellness, peace, uncontaminated nature, professionalism and finesse. A reserved place where you feel at home.

The Property

The Resort, immersed in a very well-tended tropical garden with ornamental and medicinal plants like the Hibiscus, Frangipani, Aloe Vera, Baobab, Moringa and Neem (known as “the Village Pharmacy”) is cared for to the minutest detail. The Villas that make up the Resort are completely independent with a private swimming-pool and garden and from their raised position overlook the Indian Ocean with its breathtaking views. They are spread out around the Wellness Centre and Spa endorsed by Marc Mességué, the real pivot of the Resort. They are built using Swahili traditional techniques and furnished with the experience of Italian design, using strictly local materials. The roof is done in Makuti, a typical local roofing material made of interwoven palm fronds, the floors are in finely-polished Taraso and every furnishing has been made by expert local hands, using mango and Mvule wood. To complete the premises, there is an evocative beach equipped with a Grill Bar and Restaurant for the exclusive patronage of the guests and a small rocky area from which one can admire the stunning view of a long and uncontaminated stretch of the Kenyan coast.

The Villas

All the Villas are characterized by complete and absolute independent so as to guarantee maximum comfort and privacy. The expansive private gardens, surrounded by hibiscus, oleander and frangipani hedges, make a tasteful adornment to the open living rooms that directly face the private infinity pools. Each villa also has a kitchen and independent service staff able to guarantee personalized and diligent service. The cook, specifically trained, will be able to prepare meals in line with the Message Philosophy. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, King Size or Queen Size double bed, bathroom, dressing-room, satellite TV and CCTV.

The Beach

The Leopard Point beach is incorporated in the Marine National Park. Together with the bordering Creek, it enjoys an exceptional view facing the Indian Ocean and offers its guests the possibility of unforgettable moments of relaxation, aperitifs and candlelit dinners. In the small bay of the beach in the right season one can see turtles that come to lay their eggs every year. From here one can leave for private boat trips to the most exclusive beaches and strips of sand on the coast. Access to the beach is reserved only for Members and Guests of the Resort

The Spa

The jewel of Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort is the Wellness Centre and Spa endorsed by Marc Mességué which offers its guests massage rooms, Turkish baths, sensory showers, cabin scrubs, an open-air Jacuzzi, gym, relaxation area with a herbal tea corner and the possibility of experiencing the services and treatments of the Mességué Method apart from the traditional ones. The Wellness Centre, which is accessed directly from the main entrance to the Resort, is developed seamlessly up to the small mangrove thicket that faces the ocean and where some particular treatments will be carried out. Daily access is provided for with dedicated Day Spa services. Access is reserved only for Members. Every guest will be provided with a Spa Kit.


Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort has carefully selected for its guests the best lodges and tented camps in which it is possible to maintain and guarantee the psycho-physical wellness attained at its own Wellness Centre endorsed by Marc Mességué. Guests will be accompanied by their personal chef even on safari so as to ensure the healthy and personalized nutrition started during their stay at Leopard Point, thus marrying wellness with the discovery and knowledge of nature and African cultures. For this reason, the Resort avails the possibility of exclusive and personalized tours and safaris accompanied by expert Italian guides. The safaris are done strictly away from classical itineraries and mass tourism, with absolute attention to individual needs and in total independence. Our vehicles are equipped with all comforts and safety systems. This time the fragrances of acacias and the chirping of birds will play the leading roles, the blue and crystalline sea will give way to the endless expanse of the savannah with its yellowish grass blades, the ancestral habitat of animal species that have always lived on this land.

Water Sports

Leopard Point Beach Resort is not only relaxation. There is a variety of activities and water sports for whoever is seeking a more active holiday, like windsurfing and kitesurfing, whereby certified instructors will help you to choose your equipment on hire and guide you step by step in this fantastic experience. The conditions in Malindi are ideal for these types of sports with two main winds that provide good navigation. The Kaskazi blows from the North from mid-December till the end of February at between 15 and 25 knots and is commonly known as Baridi (cold in Swahili), and the Kuzi, less strong, blows from the South at between 10 and 22 knots and is also known as the Monsoon. It is also possible to practice snorkeling and diving in our superb coral reefs. Followed by the watchful eyes of our PADI-certified instructors, you can discover the marvelous underwater world with its incredible variety of multi-coloured fish only a few metres from the shore.

Deep Sea Fishing

Thanks to the experience of expert fishermen, we can offer our guests a half or full day of deep-sea fishing to discover the Indian Ocean that teems with fish. The tours, which depart directly from the jetty of Leopard Point, will take you to the open sea where you will be able to find an incredible array of fish including Marlin (black, blue and striped), Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Barracuda, Swordfish, Sailfish, Kingfish, Red Snapper, White Snapper, Wahoo, Bonito and Groupers.


Enjoy a game at the Malindi Golf & Country Club, 10 minutes from Leopard Point Beach Resort. Founded in 1962, it is one of the most interesting and evocative golf courses in Kenya. It offers 11 holes with additional greens and tees that create the impression of 18 holes set out close to the ocean amongst sand dunes, woods and lakes.


There is no place better than Leopard Point Beach Resort to practice Yoga and transcendental meditation. In silence and in harmony with nature you will be able to rediscover yourselves with relaxation routines and the release of energy channels. A unique experience will be meditation at sunset with a view of the ocean. Not to be missed!

Family Holiday

Happy children equal happy parents and to get the most of your exciting Malindi family beach holiday, Leopard Beach Villa offers plenty of possibilities that will allow your little ones to romp around the island. From hermit crab races, crafts, watersport activities to treasure hunts, your little ones will be in good hands at the Kids’ Club. The natural playground at Leopard Beach Villa and the well-equipped indoor area, where we will seek shade when the temperatures peak, will keep the children entertained while you take some time to yourself. The Club offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities, allowing your kids to have fun while you join a diving trip or go for a well-deserved spa treatment. Nothing stands in the way of making your holiday at Leopard Beach Villa truly relaxing and fun for everyone.


Leopard Beach Villa offers one of the most beautiful beach wedding venues in Malindi Kenya. From the moment you reserve your date until the moment you say “I DO” our personal wedding planner will help you to arrange everything you need to make the wedding ceremony a memorable one. From sourcing your favorite flowers for bouquets and buttonholes, tailor-make menus to custom-designed cake with your choice of flavors as well as wedding photo and videographer to wedding entertainments plus wedding car hire, you can entrust to our staff’s capable hands. Our Executive Chef with his culinary team has created menus featuring local and international flavors with the freshest ingredients to ensure you and your guests are celebrating with a sumptuous dinner. Surrounded by splendid gardens, uncontaminated white sandy beaches and picturesque views, Leopard Point Beach Resort is the ideal venue for weddings, honeymoons or anniversaries. The splendid setting of the Indian Ocean, the wonderful terraces facing the sea, the well-tended garden adorned with coloured flowers and the tables bedecked with the refined dishes of our restaurant will be the perfect backdrop for the most romantic and important day of your lives. The Leopard Point Beach Resort, with the consultation of an expert wedding planner, will make the best available for your wedding to make it really unique and special. Our wedding package covers everything, from the marriage certificate to the food and flowers, allowing you to relax and be sure that every little detail will be taken care of to perfection. You will be able to start your new marital life in style amongst the Wellness Centre and Spa, poolside aperitifs and private dinners on the beach, all attended to by the service staff completely at your disposal. Our experts will also be able to organize the days following the wedding in the best way possible, with visits to the most romantic and evocative places in this marvelous country. For the organization of your wedding in Malindi, you can count on our presence, our availability and professionalism at all times to guide and support you. Our goal is to make this event a perfect and magical moment. We remain at your disposal for any additional information about our organization. Close your eyes and let it guide you in an unforgettable dream


Malindi (once known as Melinde) is a town on Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It is 120 kilometres northeast of Mombasa. Tourism is the major industry in Malindi. The city is exceptionally popular among Italian tourists. Malindi is served with a domestic airport and a highway between Mombasa and Lamu. The nearby Watamu resort and Gedi Ruins (also known as Gede) are south of Malindi. The mouth of the Sabaki River lies in northern Malindi. The Watamu and Malindi Marine National Parks form a continuous protected coastal area south of Malindi. The area shows classic examples of Swahili architecture. The majority of Malindi's population is Muslim. Malindi is home to the Malindi Airport and Broglio Space Centre. When Vasco da Gama’s fleet arrived at MALINDI in 1498, it met an unexpectedly warm welcome. The king of Malindi had presumably heard of Mombasa’s attempts to sabotage the fleet a few days earlier and, no friend of Mombasa himself, he was swift to ally himself with the powerful and dangerous Portuguese. Until they finally subdued Mombasa nearly one hundred years later, Malindi was the Portuguese centre of operations on the East African coast. Once Fort Jesus was built, Malindi’s ruling family was invited to transfer their power base there, which they did, and for many years Malindi was virtually a ghost town as its aristocrats lived it up in Mombasa under Portuguese protection. Malindi’s reputation for hospitality to strangers has stuck, and so has the suggestion of sell-out. It has an amazingly salacious reputation, and although there was a slump in German tourism after the first AIDS-awareness crisis in the 1980s, a quick glance in some of the bars suggests that the sex safari is back in full swing, now dominated by Italians. As a growing zone for the cultivation of Euros, Malindi is slipping towards cultural anonymity: it can’t seem to make up its mind whether it wants to be a Mombasa or a Lamu. While its old centre clings on to some Swahili character, it lacks Lamu’s self-contained tranquillity. And although it makes a good base for visits to Gedi and the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, and for a trip to Lamu, it remains unashamedly geared towards beach tourism. Consequently, whether you enjoy Malindi or not depends a little on how highly you rate the unsophisticated parts of Kenya, and whether you appreciate a fully fledged resort town for its facilities or loathe it for its tackiness. It also depends on when you’re here. During December and January, the town can sometimes be a bit nightmarish, with everything African seeming to recede behind the swarms of window-shopping tourists and Suzuki jeeps. Fortunately, Malindi has some important saving graces. Number one is the coral reef south of the town centre. The combined Malindi/Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve encloses some of the best stretches on the coast, and the Malindi fish have become so used to humans that they swarm in front of your mask like a kaleidoscopic snowstorm. Malindi is also a game-fishing centre with regular competitions, and it’s also something of a surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing resort, too. Good-sized rollers steam into the bay through the long break in the reef, opposite the town, between June and late September, whipped up by the southerly monsoon (kusi) wind. The surfing isn’t world class, but its fun, and good enough for boogie boards. Despite the heavy reliance on tourism, Malindi still has some interest as a Kenyan town with an ancient history, and a few places of interest other than its beach and reef. An interesting old Swahili quarter, one or two archeological and historical sites, a busy market, shops, hotelis and plenty of lodgings all balance out the tourist boutiques, beauty salons and real-estate agencies. As for the Italian influence, the new resident expats have brought the town riches that nowhere else in Kenya can boast – and some of the best pizzas, pasta and ice cream in the whole of Africa There are several ways to get to Malindi, most require a stop in Mombasa. A limited schedule of flights runs between Malindi and Mombasa, Nairobi and Lamu Island. From abroad, fly to Nairobi, then connect to Mombasa by plane or bus. Regularly scheduled buses and matatus (mini-buses) go daily from Mombasa to Malindi. The journey takes about two hours by road. Some Malindi hotels offer shuttles to and from Mombasa. Private taxis from Mombasa are also an option.

Booking Leopard Beach Villas

If your ideal villa holidays involve sun, sea and sand then why not choose one of our beach villas in Malindi, If you are looking to relax on your well-earned holiday then exploring secluded beach bays and spending lazy days sunbathing on sands has endless appeal, or why not try your hand at some water sports, a spot of beach volleyball, or perhaps just go rock pool hunting with the children? Whatever you decide, one of our beach villas is sure to make the perfect getaway. We have selected the crème de la crème of private luxury holiday beach homes available for rental in Malindi and presents it here, thus saving you time and effort and giving you total reassurance that the Malindi Beach villa you choose will be the villa that's exactly right for you. Every beach villa in Malindi offers the perfect setting for a relaxing beach holiday, be it with friends or family, and many are also specially selected for their attractiveness and suitability as wedding and event venues. Private swimming pools, tropical gardens, elegant living and dining spaces and supremely comfortable bedroom suites are the norm, while locations range from absolute beachfront beach villas, all our beach villas in Malindi are fully staffed leaving you free to make the most of every moment of your holiday while the usual daily chores and demands are taken care of on your behalf. As well as providing chefs, service and housekeeping staff as a matter of course, most villas in Malindi also include a dedicated villa manager who will be pleased to arrange for private cars and drivers, babysitters, spa therapists, yoga instructors and more. Private in-villa chefs will delight you with delicious African and International cuisine, prepared and served when and where you choose – one of the delights of villa holidays does not have to fit in with anyone's schedule but your own. There are many individual villas where you can do your own thing. Beach Villa sizes range from two to four bedrooms and are serviced daily. The range of private and beach villas in Malindi and Watamu also span luxurious to more middle of the range, it depends on your budget. Transport arrangements to and from the airport are arranged and when you arrive a welcome pack to get you going. After that, it’s whatever you want to do, eat what you like, when you like or eat out. Self catering villas in Malindi can also vary considerably on the island, from large luxurious on the beach to small and well away from the sea. It’s important to know what self catering options you are looking for in Malindi Apartments vary from two rooms to four and are serviced daily.