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Ndololo Safari Camp, Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Ndololo Safari Campis a safari campthat enjoys one of the most spectacular sceneries in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya’s preserved game renowned for its concentration of diverse wildlife and home to the fabled “Man Eaters of Tsavo. The Ndololo Tented Camplies on the broad, thickly forested banks of Voi River in Tsavo East National park. Ndololo Safari Campis accessible throughout the year by all weather roads and is located 7 kilometers from Voi gate, 63 kilometers from Buchama gate and 36 kilometers from Manyani gate. There are permanent structures and no fence there for Ndololo Campoffers a camping safari adventure in taste of true African wild. Through a deep thicket there is a makeshift reception complete with welcome facilities, you have arrived at the Ndololo Tented camp, but an even bigger surprise awaits you down another path, something that will leave you lost for words- a tented camp complete with all the amenities of a luxury tented camp. At Ndololo Safari Camp Tsavoyou settle for dinner under the skies and canopy of trees- an event that guarantees you an unforgettable wildlife safari experience and adventure. In the morning, an early wakeup call sets the motion for yet another captivating experience- a game viewing which starts a few meters from your Ndololo safari camp tent. After checking in from the evening game drive, Ndololo Camp Tsavo Kenyavisitors take dinner where they share the rich history of Tsavo National Park, the stories of famous man eaters of Tsavo, African culture and general information on Kenya safaris with the very experienced tour guides of the Ndololo Camp Tsavo. Visitors get information on safety measures while at the Dololo Camp Tsavo. The attractive Ndololo Camp Africais a tented camp with 20 simply furnished tents equipped with a bath room with running water and a toilet. Some of the tents have single, double and triple beds to cater for different tastes. All are furnished in a classic blend of ancient and modern, rich African fine hand carved olive wood furniture, with modern amenities. The Tsavo Ndololo Campwas originally a semi permanent camp next to the main Tsavo East camp site but has not become permanent with stone and permanent tented rooms. All accommodation is situated in a rather bushy area which blocks the view from the tent and there is no water hole, but the location is a very busy one for animals as the river runs right close and the forest is important for the animals that hide in there from the heat. At night many visitors like elephants, buffalos, antelope and even leopards roam around the Ndololo Safari Camp Kenia, but you usually hear them and don’t see them till the day time when you go for drives. Late afternoons and early mornings nearby in the forest you often will see animals which you still have to go and visit by safari vehicle. This camp is ideal for people who want to go on a low budget safari; the restaurant serves decent but simple meals in buffet style. After the game drive there is a camp fire where the visitors surround and talk about the legendary tsavo of the man eaters and all there experience of the day. The indigenous forests around Ndololo Safari Campare home to the big five wild animals, including the elephant's, the buffalo's, the rhino's, the lion's and the leopard's. The area is also frequented by ostrich's, zebra's, giraffe's and many more safari animals, while the trees are filled with melodies of a wide variety of birds. Meals in Ndololo Safari Camp are in African buffet style and evening activities include campfire story - telling, guided game walks etc

Accommodation in Ndololo Safari Camp

Ndololo Safari Camp Tsavo Eastis an awesome hilltop lodge overlooking the dry terrain below, one can spend hours looking at animals around the two waterholes in front of the resort and you have to spend at least 2 nights here to experience the African nostalgia! Ndololo Safari Camp offers 20 luxurious, well-spaced tents each self-contained with a verandah and bedroom. Some of the tents have single, double and triple beds to cater for different tastes. All are furnished in a classic blend of ancient and modern, rich African fine hand carved olive wood furniture, with modern amenities. Dololo Safari Campis accessible both from Mombasa and Nairobi. It lies 160 kilometers from Mombasa along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway. You would require about 1 hour 30 minutes from Mombasa by road. From Nairobi, it will take you about 4 hours by road. There are no schedule flights into Tsavo East National park. But a private charter can land at the airstrip which lies just 4 kilometers from the Ndololo Safari Camp.

Facilities and Activities at the Ndololo safari Camp

Ndololo campoffer ensuite facilities fully equipped kitchen, a dining room where well prepared and delicious cuisine is served and well equipped bar serving a variety of drinks. Bush barbecues are also served. The reception centre offers a variety of African curios, books and mementos. While staying at the Ndololo safari Campyou may engage in safari game drives and nature walks with the camps naturalist. The area around the camp has wonderful view of this savannah with wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat. The area is a beautiful place as you will get to breathe fresh and have the true African safari experience as you get to take photos as a reminder of the tour. The site of herd of dust red elephants patrolling the area as the sun goes down behind the Tsavo Mountains giving the perfect back drop for any image of value.

Tsavo Safari

Being close to the Kenya beach makes Tsavo National Park a very popular safaridestination for tourists on beach holidays in Malindiand Mombasa. The Tsavo SafariLodges and safari camps based along the Galana River are mainly used by safari companies in Malindiwhilst those in souths of the Tsavo Park, close to Voi, are used by Mombassa tour operators. The thick bush and lack of tracks means that finding some of the more elusive animals like lion, leopard and cheetah can be extremely difficult however, the park's very remoteness can often throw up surprises since the animals tend to be less disturbed by tourist traffic. Once you get away from the more popular areas, and especially first thing in the morning, it is possible to stumble on rarities like honey badger, aardwolf and striped hyena. The abiding memory of Tsavo Eastis of a vast red landscape with many of the animal’s tinged red by the soil. Large herds of red elephants and a variety of specialized dry-country animals such as the weird looking gerenuk, dik-dik, fringe-eared Oryx and lesser kudu are all there to be found. Tsavo East was the home of the infamous man-eaters of Tsavo, a pride of lions that delayed the construction of the railway line through Kenya for several months, in the early 20th century, when they developed a taste for human flesh and started eating the workers. Their descendants can still be found today - far wilder than their more easily seen savannah counterparts, they always appear larger and more intimidating in the thick bush of Tsavo East. There are number of accommodation options available both in and outside the park, which we use depends on a number of factors. Some of the camps along the Galana River are quite stunning considering their remoteness, some of the lodges around Voi, catering for the more budget-conscious traveler, slightly less so. We tend to use Voi Safari Lodge, perched on a rocky hillside, not far from the park's main gate, with unparalleled views across the park and a permanent waterhole that attracts a constant parade of wildlife to it, or Ndololo Safari Campwhich provides a more intimate bush experience, situated close to Kanderi Swamp, again with its own waterhole. For people wishing for a bit more of an adventure we also often use Ndololo campsitewhich, for a wild campsite, is extremely well serviced and looked after by the Kenya Wildlife Service. Close to Kanderi Swamp the camp is often visited by elephant and lion as well as less problematic visitors such as waterbuck, dik-dik, impala and baboons. Whilst the two Tsavos are unlikely to provide close up encounters with vast numbers of animals, like those experienced in places like the Masai Mara, the animal sightings here do tend to be more personal and rewarding, relying as they do on far higher levels of knowledge of animal behavior and habitat. This, combined with the scenic grandeur, vastness and wildness, make Tsavo one of our favorite destinations. If you’re looking for a unique safari experience which gives something back, look no further!