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Toyota Land Cruiser Hire – Rent a land Cruiser in Kenya and Tanzania – 4x4 Land Cruiser Hire Masai Mara and Serengeti

Toyota Land Cruiser is our flagship 4x4 safari vehicle, designed to tackle the challenging Kenya and Tanzania safari Terrain of Masai Mara, Serengeti, Tsavo, Ngorongoro Crater and Amboseli, you can rent a Land cruiser in Nairobi, Mombasa and Arusha being safari capitals of Kenya and Tanzania, Landcruiser hire is easy and fast as we offer the cheapest 4x4 car hire, we are experts in 4wd car hire and the leading 4x4 car hire company, our four by four fleet offers you a choice of 4 wheel drive cars suitable for every need, The Toyota LandCruiser starts life as an LC73 Pick-Up and is then custom built to suit our customer’s needs. Both an extended chassis as well as a strong rear body are constructed to the highest standards. These 4.2litre vehicles are fitted out with comfortable seating and pop-up roofs for that perfect Kenya and Tanzania safari experience, the strong build and large capacity of the Land Cruiser make it suitable for almost any purpose. The Land cruiser vehicles have been used on various photography safaris as well as for aid work across Kenya and Tanzania. Whatever your requirement, you can be sure that the LandCruiser will be the perfect choice for you. We use open top 4 x 4 Land Cruisers, with a unique suspension system and an open-top or open-sided, tiered seating arrangement, specially-designed to maximize game viewing opportunities and comfort. Each vehicle has 10 cushioned passenger seats, one in front next to the driver, followed by three rows of three seats each. Each row is raised slightly higher than the one in front of it, allowing for unobstructed views of scenery and wildlife. For our filming safari, we limit our capacity to just six travelers, A mini-fridge stocked with cold drinks and a small library of bird, mammal and insect reference books and field guides help enhance game drives. Each custom-built vehicle sports front bull bars and runner boards, radio communication, and a full recovery kit including spare tires and a high lift jack. Vehicles are updated or replaced as needed and meticulously maintained to provide our guests with an unmatched safari experience. The Land Cruiser is the ideal vehicle for long Tanzania and Kenya safari and rough terrain, due to its ruggedness and reliability, the Toyota land cruiser model has (to a large extent) replaced the Land rover as the safari vehicle of choice. The Toyota is our standard vehicle for all long safaris. Car hire and vehicle rental only utilizes specially outfitted 4-wheel drive safari vehicles for your private safari trip. You will have exclusive use of the vehicle with no mileage restrictions for the duration of your holiday. We offer two types of 4-wheel drive safari vehicles including Standard Toyota Land Cruisers and Stretched Toyota Land Cruisers. We deploy mini-vans only when our clients specify this as a requirement; otherwise, we restrict ourselves to 4X4 safari vehicles only. Our philosophy is that everyone ought to get a window seat. In addition, most of our 4X4 vehicles have a canvas top, which can be rolled back completely so that you may game view standing from any of the seats. We believe that a canvas top provides the best big game viewing experience and is much more favorable then a safari vehicle with a ‘pop up' top. The 4WD Standard Toyota Land Cruiser is recommended for 1 – 4 people (6 total seats). The Land Cruisers come equipped with at total of six seats including the driver's seat with four seats in the back under the canvas top. These are the most functional safari vehicles in use and are capable of handling poor road conditions and are extremely strong off road. This vehicle is the most optimal and especially if your safari itinerary involves significant off road driving, which many of our trips do include. Accordingly, we only recommend the Standard Toyota Land Cruisers for groups ranging from 1 to 4 persons. If you are a group of five and carrying minimal amounts of luggage, then this vehicle may still make a great fit. Otherwise, the stretched vehicles are recommended for groups greater then 4 persons. The most common safari vehicles in Kenya are 2WD minibuses, and 4WD Landcruisers or Land Rovers. In Tanzania, some 4WD minibuses are used, but 4WD Landcruisers and Land Rovers are most common. 4WD is required for safaris in remote areas and during rainy seasons, and in areas that have poor roads or black cotton soil, which gets very slippery when wet. 4WD is also required to descend into the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, due to the steep and poor descent and ascent roads. On most safaris, the vehicle is driven by a Kenyan or Tanzanian driver guide. You travel to the park in this vehicle (unless you fly there), and do game drives in it, watching the wildlife. The above vehicles may also be rented for self-drive safaris. There are also smaller 4WD Nissans, Toyotas or Suzuki’s offered for this purpose. Our fleet of 4 x 4 safari vehicles is made up of well maintained Land-Rover TDI’s and Toyota Land-Cruisers, specially adapted for use on safari. Both types of vehicles have proven themselves worthy on the unpredictable roads (and often, what passes for roads) and offer un-obstructed views for all passengers. Our safari vehicles come in different sizes; the standard Land-Rover and Land-Cruisers offer comfortable space. Because of these maximum numbers per vehicle, every single occupant is assured of his or her own window-seat, easy access to the opened roof for game viewing and ample leg-room during the drives to and from. Because realistically, on the gravel and bush-roads you’ll encounter on safari punctures happen, and from time to time mechanical problems occur, all vehicles are equipped with spare tires and all the tools needed to get you back on track in the shortest possible time. Besides being experienced drivers, our driver/guides are trained to perform small repairs and in the rare case that outside help is needed, we’ll send a replacement vehicle straight away so your safari can continue without any problems.

Pop-up sunroof/roof hatch

all good safari vehicles have roof hatches or pop-up sunroofs, which are opened for game drives, allowing you to stand up in the vehicle for a better view. Pop-up sunroofs are most common. The roof protects you from the sun, which may be fierce in the middle of the days. (But still use your sun block, as there is a strong sun reflection from the surroundings.) For early morning and late afternoon game drives, sunroofs aren't really necessary. The pop-up sunroofs open above the seats in the back, not above the front row where the driver sits. There are also vehicles with roof hatches (one for each row of seats), which are lifted away when open. These offer no protection from the sun, but are ideal for bird watching and for game viewing in forested areas, as there is no sun roof obscuring you views upwards.
Stronger suspension is necessary on the poor roads and off-road. Most safari vehicles have two fuel tanks, and may carry up to 150 litres/40 US gallons/33 British gallons of fuel.
The bullbar (the steel frame in front) protects the vehicle and passengers from damage in collisions with animals.
Safari snorkel
our safari vehicles have a snorkel, which is not to allow the car to submerge under water, but to provide cleaner air to the engine. The snorkel raises the air intake away from dusty roads.
Spare tyres and heavy-duty jack
most safari vehicles have two spare tyres and a heavy-duty jack, attached to the back of the car. Having two spares is better than having one. Flat tyres from poor roads, acacia thorns etc are not uncommon, but are quickly fixed. Radio
virtually all safari vehicles have a radio, allowing the driver guide to communicate with other vehicles and, if the range allows, with the tour operator's base or office (usually in a town/city such as Nairobi or Arusha). As mobile phone coverage now includes many Kenyan and Tanzanian parks, most long distance communication is done by phone, and radios for shorter ranges are fitted in the vehicles.
Fire extinguisher and first-aid kit
These are for your safety. Look for them first thing when you enter the vehicle the first time.
Seat belts
there should be seat belts in your vehicle. The front seats usually have three-point belts (the type seen in modern cars), while the seats in the back usually have lap belts (the type seen in airliners). Safari vehicles don't have airbags.
Air conditioning
'Air conditioning' in most safari vehicles is achieved by opening the windows. True air conditioning can be found mainly with some luxury safari operators. Closing the windows and enjoying the AC may add comfort, but it reduces your presence and your experience. Africa is hot, the roads are dusty and the animals do smell.
Seats in safari vehicles
most safari vehicles have a few seats that should not be used for passengers on safaris, or the vehicle will end up too crowded. For short drives, such as airport transfers, using these seats too is quite OK, but they are not OK for traveling to parks or game driving. Seating issues in over-crowded vehicles may cause conflicts within your group.
Three seats in a row
The middle seat out of the three should not be used for passengers, or the row will be too crammed.
The seat next to the driver
This seat should not be used for passengers in most vehicles, as there is normally no roof hatch above. It's a poor seat for game viewing. Some vehicles do have a roof hatch there, however, and then it's a good seat that may be used.
Seats in Landcruiser and Land Rover
Original versions have seats for 6 passengers (plus driver), but should not be used for more than 4. Extended versions have seats for 8 passengers, but should not be used for more than 6.
Guaranteed window seat'
the phrase 'guaranteed window seat' may be used in brochures and ads, meaning that all passengers get a window seat, which is good. But it allows for seating passengers next to the driver, which are usually not as good as other window seats. What you really want is a guaranteed window seat with a roof hatch/sun roof above. Then you can see well when traveling, and can stand up for a better view during game drives. Make sure that your travel companies or tour operator can guarantee you such a seat before booking. If they can't, you may want to book with another company. Squeezing too many clients into a vehicle is a sign of poor quality.


The numbers of good seats given above include children. Some travel companies have a policy not to guarantee the good seats to passengers not paying full price, i.e children. They may have to sit in seats between the good (window) ones. It's a bad policy. In short, all window seats may be booked for adults, and some children may be added on top. What happens is that the children get their parents' window seats, and the parents cram in on seats that should really be empty for space reasons. Thus, the vehicle gets too crowded. The quality is reduced for all passengers. Choose another travel company. Squeezing in with family or friends If you are sharing vehicle with family or friends only, and doesn’t mind if it's crowded, you may squeeze one or two persons extra in, if you all agree to this. You may take turns using the less good seats. This should be reflected in the tour price for each one of you. It should cost less to travel all in one vehicle than splitting up into two.

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